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Green teas 绿茶

Green tea is minimally processed: steamed or lightly pan fried after the picking. The taste of green tea varies widely among from the fresh grassy to the light hay flavours. This type of tea has great tradition in China and Japan but Owing to its numerous health benefits, there has been a great surge of interest all over the World the recent years.

Pearl tea
1,600 Ft / 100g
Out of stock
Vietnamese green tea
1,800 Ft / 100g
2019 Spring Jade Spirals
3,500 Ft 2,450 Ft / 50g
Korean green tea
2,500 Ft / 20g package
Out of stock
Stalk Tea
3,900 Ft / 70g package
Out of stock
Roasted tea
2,800 Ft / 50g package
3,800 Ft / 70g package
3,900 Ft / 70g package
Jade Dew
5,900 Ft / 50g package